Tracking and Transmitting in 11 Days - Day 2 (8/27)

Today was a totally different day but started the same with a pick-up in Seattle, followed by a coffee pick-up at the Ballard Market.  Today was even more thrilling than Tuesday, as the composition began to take real shape.  Colin Richey had set us up with Jupiter Studios (a pretty famous Seattle Studio in Wallingford).  Jonas was our sound-engineer and took good care of us (the legendary Martin Feverear was on vacation, which was why we got a killer deal at the studio). As it turned out this was where the Posies had recorded Dear 23 (the first Posies album i was exposed to), and Ken was a bit sentimental about the location and the room.

We had a fascinating drum tracking session with Colin.  Ken wanted Colin to go with what he felt rather than provide him specific direction.  Ken provided Colin with a number of clues but remained somewhat evasive about the direction he was giving him.  Given Colin's instinctive approach and style, he was able to go down some pretty interesting rabbitholes.  Colin asked for a vocal scratch track about a half a dozen times and Ken kept "forgetting" to do so.  Finally Ken admitted that he kind of liked not giving Colin direction.  The end result was an insanely cool relatively free-form drum part that worked perfectly with the environment and the narrative that the song was trying to convey.

The amazing part of the day was when we tracked vocals.  I'd first felt the special quality of the melody and lyrics when we did the demo, but seeing it all come together live was larger than life. i also went in the actual room where the recording occurred to shoot video and it was even more awe inspiring.  You will be seeing this over the next few weeks as i edit together the music video.  We wrapped the session with some background vocals and bass.  it was a great session, with lots of sentimentality due to the location.  

After we wrapped we went back to Ballard and listened to some cool projects that Ken had recently worked on in Belgium.  This was a very long day but felt very satisfying.  i knew we had the raw material to create something great.