Tracking and Transmitting in 11 Days - Day 3 (8/28)

This is the day it all came together.  

Most of the day was low key.  No morning coffee ritual.  No commute to a recording facility or mixing studio.  In fact i had a full day at the office.  

The day actually began a week or two earlier. Ken had asked me to find a studio where we could finish mixing. One of my Collective members, Ira, had told me about Orbital Audio a few weeks before and introduced me to Joe Reineke, the owner.  As a matter of fact,  we shot a music video there for Waltz #2 (I'll be editing this over the next month or so, so you'll have something to look forward to).  I shared the details of the facility with Ken and it was a no-brainer that we would finish the mix at Orbital.  

Ken spent most of the day hunkered down in his abode preparing the final mix on his PC and he Uber-ed to Orbital around 9 pm.  I actually had a rehearsal that evening in Auburn at Peter Benjamin's and got to Orbital around 10.  It turns out that Joe and Ken had toured before so they did a little reminiscing .  Alex Willson also joined us, although Joe, Alex and i spent a good amount of time hanging in the 60's styled lounge as Ken was in the thick of it pushing the SSL to the limit.  We were there for about 5 hours (till 2 am) and i spent at least three of those hours with Ken in the main room as he was finishing the song.

It was like watching an alchemist doing his craft.  This was a high quality room and Ken took advantage of every nuance and piece of equipment in the room.  At about 1:30 am we ended up with our release candidate.  It embodied the energy, the theme and the power of the concept that was originally conceived.  We were both completely satisfied with the final product.

There is a truly special feeling that i had for the first time that night.  It's a true high that any creator must experience.  I can see why people keep creating and creating as there is no more special feeling when a vision comes to life.  A song, an album, a painting, a poem, a film.  I can see how all of these would conjure up the feeling.  

That night we drove back Ken's abode around 3 am.  We were exhausted but elated.  Ken was going to Bellingham the next day and i was going back to work.  Regardless, we had completed a three day odyssey that yielded an artistic achievement.   What was also amazing was that we had done this all in three days.  This was the fastest any of the songs on the album had been recorded and finished, and it was in large part driven by Ken's musical and engineering mastery and our combined instincts on what would be right for the song.  You can find a link to the song in the "Listen" tab.

We would have several more amazing experiences upon Ken's return from Bellingham that would happen on subsequent days.

Mike and Ken after a first listen to the Release Candidate of "The One That Matters"

Mike and Ken after a first listen to the Release Candidate of "The One That Matters"