Tracking and Transmitting in 11 Days - Day 8-10 (9/2-9/4)

Not much to report during this calm before the storm.  Lots of detailed blocking and tackling to get the CD finished and everyone set for the shows on 9/5 (including getting people to attend the shows).  This is where you realize the massive amount of detail involved in getting a show like this pulled together, and a CD out the door, however, none of that is particularly interesting, just tedious.  

There were two items that were the most interesting.  The first were the rehearsals that began on Wednesday at the Kirkland Performance Center.  Rehearsals are always amazingly scary for two reasons.  The first is whether you have your act together and the second is how seriously your fellow artists are taking your gig and have their act together.  I expected Wednesday to be amazingly stressful.  It was only modestly stressful as everyone was in reasonably good shape. Everyone in the Collective was a pro and had done the requisite practicing and it was really all about the group jelling.  Again, everyone was a pro, so the group jelling was happening organically which was what needed to happen for it t work out.  Also, everyone was patient. Organizing 4 different ensembles most of whom had day jobs was not the easiest thing.  We were behind schedule from the beginning as we were sound-checking real-time so we used our entire allocation of 6 hours per day of rehearsals that we had reserved at the KPC.  The first day was solid and we all knew where we had to focus the next day.  The second day was rock solid and i knew we had the ability to deliver two great performances.  Of note was that Ken was not at either of the rehearsals.  He was spending a few days in Bellingham with his mom and would not be arriving until the morning of the shows for a final rehearsal at the Columbia City Theater. By now, I had supreme confidence in both Ken's raw capabilities and also in our ability to collaborate and make smart decisions the day of the show.

That said, Ken and I were actively working to build buzz for the show which was the second interesting thing.  We had agreed before Ken left for Bellingham that we would work hard to get our song on the air. While Ken was in Bellingham we communicated daily (primarily via text) on how we would accomplish this.  We knew that KEXP was our best and most impactful option. Ken had very good relationships with Cheryl Waters, Kevin Cole and John Richards.  We began with  Cheryl as i knew that Colin Richey also had a good relationship with her, so Ken sent her an email.  When the email was sent we immediately received an out-of-office reply (Cheryl was out till September 8th which was too late for our show).  I was driving to a rehearsal with Zach Lombardo on Tuesday and Kevin Cole spent about 5 minutes praising Ken and all of the luminaries involved with the Big Star show for the amazing performances at Bumbershoot.  I pulled over and texted Ken that we should reach out to Kevin which he did the next day.  We wanted to wait to hear back from Kevin before we reached out to John.  Also Kevin had just started including Holly's single "Splitting the Sea" onto his regular rotation.  Ken had the fine suggestion of adding her to our line-up a few weeks prior, so this was going to strengthen both the music at the shows and the line-up.  It was a wise creative choice and would hopefully improve our shot at getting our song on air.   All of this was well and done but by the time I drove home after the second rehearsal, Ken and i exchanged texts and realized that in addition to prepping for the Friday show we'd also have to jam to get some additional exposure for the song as well as the shows.  It seemed we had made little progress in these past few days.

Some of the core  FM Collective members at Rehearsal:  Andrew Rudd, Ira Merrill, Jonathan Warman, Daniel Butman and Peter Benjamin.  Two solid rehearsals prepared us to nail it when it came to show time.

Some of the core  FM Collective members at Rehearsal:  Andrew Rudd, Ira Merrill, Jonathan Warman, Daniel Butman and Peter Benjamin.  Two solid rehearsals prepared us to nail it when it came to show time.

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